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Compound connection mechanism of Al2O3 ceramic and

20211028 · In this paper, laser welding-brazing of TC4 Titanium (Ti) alloy and Al 2 O 3 ceramic dissimilar material was carried. The results showed that the Ti alloy and Al 2 O

: Yan Zhang, YanKun Chen, JianPing Zhou, DaQian Sun, HongMei Li

Design of titanium alloys by additive manufacturing: A

202211 · For CP-Ti alloys, the L-PBF processed parts usually undergo a higher cooling rate during processing. Therefore, the refined α′ martensite leads to substantially

: Tianlong Zhang, Chain-Tsuan Liu

Powerful new Ti-alloys using 3D printing - City University

2021114 · The titanium alloy developed by the CityU research team is super-strong, highly ductile and ultra-light. The new Ti-alloys are significant for several reasons, one