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Ti-Pd Grade 11. This alloy has mechanical properties similar to commercially pure titanium grade 1, but with palladium added to enhance corrosion resistance in crevices and


Corrosion resistance of Ti and Ti–Pd alloy in

201331 · Corrosion resistance of pure titanium (Grade 2) and Ti-Pd alloy (Grade 7) was studied using the electrochemical techniques of potentiodynamic measurements and

: P. Handzlik, K. Fitzner

Development of dental Pd−Ti alloys - ScienceDirect

198541 · X-ray diffraction analysis for Ti-Pd alloys 100%Ti 30Pd 50Pd 70Pd 100Pd 70Ti 50Ti 30Ti As melted Alpha Ti Mostly Mostly Mostly Pd PdTi2 PdTi2 PdTi Also Some

: J.B. Moser, J.H.C. Lin, M. Taira, E.H. Greener