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Different gases have different flame propagation capacities and are categorized into explosion groups corresponding to their hazard level. The standard for this is the MESG = Maximum Experimental Safe Gap, a characteristic number measured in the laboratory


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End-of-line Flame Arresters. This type of flame arrester is installed on low-pressure storage processing tanks, bleed tanks, or other waste gas devices. Normally, they are installed on a vent nozzle mounted on a tank that is


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A flame arrester is a safety device installed on a nozzle on top of a tank when the flash point of the stored product is lower than the possible tank temperature. A majority of the time,


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Storagetech™ Flame Arrester Model 300 has durable and robust design to prevent flame and shock waves which maybe transferred through the pipeline. It is easy to remove, maintain and assembling. Storagetech™


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